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Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Card

The Most Powerful Credit Card in Pakistan

Your Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Card offers you the best of both worlds. Alongside the global benefits of Standard Chartered Credit Cards, you can now also enjoy an exclusive range of privileges with PIA's Frequent Flyer Membership, PIA Awards +Plus Program.

Special FeaturesMore Features & BenefitsFAQs15% Savings on PIA tickets:

You can now enjoy unmatched savings on international as well as domestic airfare. When you use your SCB VISA PIA CoBrand Credit Card to purchase your PIA Ticket from any one of PIA Booking Offices or PIA Reservation Counters, you will save 15% on the ticket’s airfare.

Discounts will be given on domestic and international tickets
Discounts can be availed at any PIA Booking Office or Airport Reservation Counter across Pakistan
PIA CoBrand Card members can only avail discounts on personal tickets in their names (not in the name of any other person or family member)
Discounts will not be applicable on:

- PIA’s discounted classes*
- Purchases made through PIA website or travel agents

Discount will only be applicable on the ticket’s basic fare price (not applicable on taxes)
PIA’s Cabin Classes and their respective fare classes are explained below:

Economy Class:
Y, K, M, T, N, O

Economy Plus:
P, W, Q

Business Class:
C, J, B, S

*15% discount on your SCB Visa PIA CoBrand Credit Card will be available on Y and K fare classes in Economy class, P and W fare classes on Economy Plus class and C and J fare classes in Business Class.

Complimentary PIA Awards +Plus Membership:

PIA Awards +Plus:
A distinctive frequent flyer program greets air travelers to a world of exceptional travel privileges and rewards. Whether you are looking for free tickets, class upgrades, excess baggage options, business lounge access, or privileged check-in counters, PIA Awards + Plus is the right travel companion for you.

And you earn this privilege by flying on PIA’s network of 52 destinations around the globe. The PIA Awards +Plus Program offers you an Emerald Membership, a Sapphire Membership, or a Diamond Membership. The more you travel, the more you get to enjoy the benefits of PIA Awards +Plus Program.

Awards +Plus Cards:

PIA CoBrand Credit Cardmembers will get an Awards +Plus card within 4 weeks of activation of PIA CoBrand Credit Card
1,000 bonus Airmiles upon becoming an Awards +Plus Member
Sapphire Awards Plus Card is valid for a period of 3 years
Emerald Awards Plus Card has no validity period
PIA Awards +Plus Terms and Conditions will apply

The Emerald Awards +Plus Card is issued with PIA CoBrand Classic Credit Card. As an Emerald Member, you are entitled to the following benefits:

10% bonus Airmiles for traveling in Economy Plus Class
25% bonus Airmiles for traveling in Business Class
Check-In at Awards +Plus counter where available

The Sapphire Awards +Plus Card is issued with PIA CoBrand Gold Credit Card. As a Sapphire Member, you will enjoy the following value added benefits:

25% bonus Airmiles on all PIA trips
10% bonus Airmiles for travel in Economy Plus Class
25% bonus Airmiles for travel in Business Class
10kg Extra baggage allowance in addition to entitlement as per ticket (not applicable on journeys to/from US & Canada)
Check-In at Awards +Plus counter (Business Class counter in the absence of Awards +Plus counter)

Spend and Fly:

Your PIA CoBrand Credit Card helps you accumulate Airmiles at an incredible rate; every time you shop, and every time you fly. Here’s how:

You will earn 1 Air mile on every Rs. 50 spend on your PIA CoBrand Credit Card which is automatically transferred to your PIA Awards +Plus Card once in a month
Whenever you purchase your ticket from PIA booking office, you will get Airmiles on your PIA Awards +Plus Card by presenting your PIA Awards +Plus Card / Frequent Flyer Number when booking your ticket. For More details, please log onto

Upgrade Check-In:

What's more, as an Emerald Cardmember, you may check in at Awards +Plus counter where available and as a Sapphire Cardmember, you may check in at Awards +Plus counter and Business Class counter in the absence of Awards +Plus counter

Upgraded Lounge Access:

As a PIA Gold Credit Cardmember, you can enjoy access to designated Business Class lounges in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Airports by presenting your PIA CoBrand Gold Credit Card along with Sapphire Awards +Plus Card even if you are traveling economy class. If, for any reason, the Business Lounge is not available, you may avail the CIP Lounge. These lounges grant you complimentary access to secretarial services, a buffet, and comfortable couches to help you unwind before the journey ahead.

Rewards for PIA CoBrand Card members:

Redeeming Airmiles is as easy as earning them. When you are ready to reward yourself or your family, you can redeem your Airmiles for any of the following:

Free Tickets
Excess Baggage
Class Upgrade

Click here to view Airmile redemption catalogue
Global Acceptability
Your Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Card can be used at more than 30,000 establishments in Pakistan and over 24 million locations worldwide. This gives you convenience, recognition and security wherever you are. With the Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Card, you can pay for shopping, meals, travel, entertainment; virtually anything that money can buy. Whether you spend in dollars or in any other currency, all your billings will be in Pak Rupees.

Buy Now, Pay Later
With your Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Card, you have a free credit period of upto 51 days to pay for your purchases. Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Cards give you the option of paying the minimum amount, which would be only 5% of your outstanding balance or Rs 500 (whichever is greater) by the payment due date.

Cash Advance
You do not need to carry cash any more, if you have a Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Card. Any amount up to 30% of your credit limit is available to you as cash. You can obtain cash advance at ATMs and financial institutions worldwide displaying the VISA logo.

Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Cardmembers can obtain cash advance at ATMs displaying the PLUS logo which is also printed on the back of the VISA Card.

Supplementary Cards
Share the experience with your loved ones! You can gift family members, employees, or absolutely anyone with a PIA CoBrand Supplementary Card and let them enjoy the benefits and privileges PIA CoBrand Credit Cards have to offer. Avail up to 5 Supplementary Cards and have them made for anyone who is more than 18 years of age.

All your Supplementary Cardmembers share your basic credit limit. The Supplementary Cards will carry a separate account number so that incase of loss or theft, only the affected cards need cancellation. The unaffected Card(s) continue to enjoy uninterrupted Card usage. All charges incurred on the Supplementary Cards will be reported on your monthly statement.

It’s always our priority to provide our customers with more and more convenience. Standard Chartered offers you the facility to have your Credit Card statements emailed to you so you can stay updated, yet have the freedom to be absolutely anywhere.

SMS Banking
Get the convenience, privacy and security of banking through your mobile phone. Receive instant access to your account information including your outstanding balance or payment due date. Simply register your mobile number with Standard Chartered SMS Banking and get complete control of your account whenever and wherever!

Online Banking
Our free Internet Banking Service gives you the ability to manage your Credit Card and Bank Account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CIP Lounge
As a PIA CoBrand Gold Credit Cardmember, you can enjoy complimentary lounging facilities on international travel at the Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, Karachi, with privileges like free secretarial services, free buffet, 24 hour porter service and so much more. So feel privileged, take time out and unwind at the luxurious CIP lounge.

24-Hour Customer Service
Our 24-hour, well-trained and qualified team of Customer Service experts are there to help you with your requests. They will be able to assist you by:
Answering your queriesRegistering and resolving your complaintsReporting a lost or stolen cardStandard Chartered’s 24 hour Customer Services is on call at UAN 111-002-002. Similarly, you may reach PIA’s Customer Services on UAN 111-786-786. You may e-mail the bank on or e-mail PIA on

Zero Loss Liability
Isn't it comforting to know that if you lose your Card you would have nothing to worry about? You are covered for all fraudulent charges made on your Credit Card as soon as it has been reported lost to Standard Chartered Bank. So make sure you report the loss immediately upon discovery.

Credit Cover Plus - because future is uncertain
You will be provided coverage under temporary disability, total permanent disability, terminal illness benefit and under the unfortunate event of death, your minimum payment or the entire outstanding balance on your PIA CoBrand Credit Card account will be settled by the underwriter, without causing any inconvenience to your near and dear ones. The coverage will also include all supplementary Credit Card transactions made on your PIA CoBrand Credit Card account.

Travel Accident Cover (International Travel)
In case of death due to an accident while travelling on any common carrier (provided the tickets are purchased on your PIA CoBrand Credit Card) is valid for cover up to Rs. 3.5 million on a PIA CoBrand VISA Classic Card and up to Rs. 7 million on a PIA CoBrand VISA Gold Card.

Travel Inconvenience Cover (International Travel)
If your flight/baggage is delayed by more than 6 hours, then you may enjoy refreshments and meals and have then charged to your PIA CoBrand Credit Card. Charges made up to Rs. 15,000 may be claimed for reimbursement. Furthermore, in the event that your baggage is lost, please use your PIA CoBrand Credit Card to buy the necessary items lost in the baggage and claim reimbursement up to Rs. 30,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Card and how is it different from the other Credit Cards?
Standard Chartered Bank and Pakistan International Airline have, once again, joined hands to re-introduce the first ever Frequent Flyer CoBrand Credit Card in Pakistan.
This powerful card combines the global privileges of Standard Chartered Credit Cards with the unique features of the Awards +Plus Frequent flyer Cards promising you unparallel value.

Q. What is the PIA CoBrand Credit Card Rewards Program?
The PIA CoBrand Credit Card Rewards Program allows you to earn Airmiles at an incredible rate; you can earn 1 Airmile on every Rs. 50 that you spend on your PIA CoBrand Credit Card and against every mile that you travel on PIA.

Q. How can I enroll myself in PIA Awards +Plus Program?
You will automatically get enrolled in PIA Awards +Plus Program once you activate your Standard Chartered PIA CoBrand Credit Card.

Q. Do I have to pay a fee for becoming a PIA Awards +Plus Cardmember?
No, you will receive your PIA Awards +Plus Membership Card absolutely free within 4 weeks of activation of your PIA CoBrand Credit Card.

Q. Where can I redeem Airmiles?
As an SCB PIA CoBrand Cardholder, all the points that you earn on your credit card transactions will automatically transfer to your Awards +Plus Card as Airmiles. You can redeem your PIA points by calling the PIA Call Center, by visiting the PIA Awards +Plus website: or by sending an email/letter to PIA on

Q. What can I redeem against my Airmiles?
Your Airmiles can be redeemed for free tickets, excess baggage vouchers, class upgrades, and a variety of exciting rewards by calling PIA Call Center at 111-786-786, by visiting the PIA Awards +Plus website: or by sending email to PIA at

Q. Will I get a 15% discount on PIA tickets if I pay cash?
No. You can only obtain a 15% discount if you use your SCB PIA CoBrand Card to pay for your PIA Ticket.

Q. What is a PIA Awards +Plus Card?
PIA Awards +Plus Card is a Frequent Flyer Card that allows PIA’s Frequent Flyers to earn Airmiles when they travel on PIA. The Airmiles on the card can be redeemed for PIA Awards such as free tickets, upgrades, excess baggage etc.

Q. Can I convert my existing VISA card to a PIA CoBrand Card?
Yes, you can do so simply by calling 111-002-002. Our Customer Service Officers will be available to facilitate the process.

Q. What happens to my Treasure Points when my existing SCB Credit Card is upgraded or downgraded?
The Airmiles shall remain the same in both circumstances.

Q. What happens to my Treasure Points when my SCB VISA Card is converted to SCB PIA CoBrand Card?
In such an event your Treasure Points will be converted to Airmiles and transferred to your new Awards +Plus Card, where you can only earn Airmiles and these Airmiles cannot be transferred back to SCB points. From that point onwards, all the transactions made on your SCB PIA CoBrand Card will earn you Airmiles. Whereas, upon conversion from SCB VISA to SCB PIA CoBrand, 1,000 FREE Airmiles will be awarded on your Award +Plus Card.

Q. Will I get a separate card for PIA Awards +Plus Frequent Flyer (FF) Program?
Yes. You will receive a separate card for the PIA Awards +Plus Frequent Flyer program. Your Award +Plus card will have your Unique Frequent Flyer number. The Airmiles collected on your SCB PIA CoBrand Card will automatically get transferred to your FF Card.

Q. What are the different tiers in the PIA Awards +Plus and how are they allotted to the SCB PIA CoBrand Card?
There are two tiers of Awards +Plus Cards issued with the SCB PIA CoBrand Cards; Sapphire and Emerald. The Sapphire Awards +Plus Cards will be issued to all Gold CoBrand Cardmembers while the Emerald Awards +Plus Cards will be issued to all Classic CoBrand Cardmembers.

Q.How can I find out about PIA Awards?
You can learn about the awards as well as the required number of points for those awards by calling the PIA Call Center, by visiting the PIA Awards +Plus website: or by sending an email to

Q. What do I do if I lose my PIA Awards +Plus Card?
In the event that your card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to PIA at UAN 111-786-786 for a replacement card.

Q. What happens to my PIA Awards +Plus Card if I cancel my PIA CoBrand Credit Card?
Upon cancellation of your PIA CoBrand Credit Card, your PIA Awards +Plus account will become inactive.

Q. Who do I call if I have problems relating to my PIA Awards +Plus Account?
If you face any problem related to your PIA Awards +Plus account, please call PIA Call Center at 111-786-786.

Q. Will I get 15% discount if I purchase my PIA ticket from the Internet?
No, you have to purchase your PIA tickets only from PIA Booking Offices / Airport Counters within Pakistan.

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