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Standard Chartered VISA Card is a globally renowned brand that has world wide acceptance. You can avail of exciting features and benefits attached with this Card. Get ready to bring ultimate indulgence to your lifestyle.

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Exclusive features and benefits of VISA Card:

Global Acceptability:
Standard Chartered Credit Cards can be used at 24 million establishments across the globe in 210 countries including 10,000 in Pakistan displaying the Credit Cards logo.
Cash Advance Facility:
You can withdraw cash up to 30% of your available credit limit at any VISA/MasterCard ATM across the globe. Cash can also be withdrawn ‘Over-the-Counter’ at financial institutions worldwide or at any of the Standard Chartered branches and all other VISA/MasterCard member banks in Pakistan.
Supplementary Cards:
Gift your family members, friends, employees or absolutely anyone, with exclusive Standard Chartered VISA/MasterCard Supplementary Cards and let them enjoy the privileges these Cards have to offer. You can have up to 5 Supplementary Cards made for anyone who is more than 18 years of age.
Foreign Transactions:
When you use your Credit Card abroad, the transaction amount will be converted from the transaction currency to US Dollars, based on the international exchange rate prevailing on that date. In order to assist Card members, all transactions will be converted into Pak Rupees for payment.
24hr Phone Banking:
Quick and easy access to your credit details is just a phone call away! Just dial 111-002-002 and start making online transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our online Customer Service Team is equally accessible via e-mail, so simply e-mail us at:
Now you can receive your Credit Card statements through email anywhere in the world - absolutely free. And if you do not have an email address then till such time that you do, you will continue to receive your Credit Card statements by courier.Dial -a- Draft:
Make payments to places where cards are not accepted such as clubs, schools or utility bills. Just call our Customer Services and order a draft/Pay Order to be made. It will be delivered to you within 2 working days.Revolve Your Credit:
Standard Chartered gives you the option of paying the minimum amount, which would only be 5 % of your outstanding balance or Rs 500 (which ever is greater) by the payment due date. Service charges are levied on the balance unpaid and balance amount is carried forward. The following month either pays the full amount or if you wish pay only the minimum amount due and revolve again.
Auto Debit:
You have the convenience of making minimum or 100 % payment as specified on the monthly statement, through your Standard Chartered Bank account. If you wish to use this facility, please contact our Customer Services Staff at least 2 days before your statement date.Balance Transfer Facility:
Transfer any other credit cards outstanding balance to Standard Chartered Credit Cards at an extremely low rate of 2.50 % (per month on MasterCard) and 2.75 % (per month on VISA card). Additionally every time you transfer your balance onto your VISA/MASTERCARD Credit Card you earn Treasure Points too. These points can be redeemed for exciting gifts that you will find in our Treasures Catalogue.Treasures:
The most comprehensive rewards program for VISA/MASTERCARD Credit Card members packed with more style, variety and unbeatable value than ever before. For every Rs. 50 you spend on your Credit Card, earn 1 Treasure Point. So the more you spend, the more points you gain. Then simply exchange the accumulated Treasure Points from a range of exciting gifts present in our Treasures Catalogue.
Travel Privileges:
You also have the opportunity to avail some of the best travel packages, offered from time to time by Akbar Group - one of the largest airline reservation networks, representing most prestigious international airlines.CIP Lounge:
As a Standard Chartered Gold Card member, you can enjoy complimentary lounging facilities at the Quaid-e-Azam International Airport Karachi, with privileges like free secretarial services, free buffet, 24-hour porter service and so much more.Zero Loss Liability:
Isn't it comforting to know that if you lose your Card you would have nothing to worry about? You are covered for all fraudulent charges made on your Credit Card as soon as it has been reported lost to Standard Chartered. So make sure you report the loss immediately upon discovery.
Credit Cover:
In the unfortunate event of an illness, injury or death Standard Chartered will always be there to cover your payments. The entire outstanding amount on your Standard Chartered Credit Card will be waived without causing any inconvenience to your near and dear ones. These waivers also include any Supplementary Credit Card transactions made on your Credit Card.Travel Accident Cover:
You have a comprehensive cover of up to Rs. 3.5 million on your Standard Chartered VISA/MasterCard (Classic) and Rs. 7 million on Standard Chartered VISA/MasterCard (Gold) in case of an accident while travelling around the globe on any common carrier. The transaction however, must be made on a Standard Chartered Credit Card if the above is to apply.Travel Inconvenience Cover:
While travelling outside Pakistan, you are covered up to Rs. 10,000 on flight delays (exceeding 6 hours) for restaurant meals, refreshments, etc. and Rs. 10,000 on baggage delays. Also in the case of lost baggage in transit, you are covered for up to Rs. 20,000 (exclusive of the amount by the airline). All amounts are reimbursed on placing your claim provided the ticket was bought on your Standard Chartered VISA Card.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How and where can I use my Standard Chartered Credit Card?
Your Standard Chartered Credit Card can be used in Pakistan and as well as globally for any transaction at any merchant outlet accepting MasterCard and/or VISA Credit Cards.

Q. Is there a cash withdrawal limit with my credit card?
Cash withdrawal is limited to 30 % of your available credit limit.

Q. Will I be charged any cash withdrawal/cash advance fee?
For cash withdrawals through ATM's or over the counter transactions, a nominal fee will be charged as per the Schedule of Charges.

Q. Can I transfer the outstanding balance from another bank's Credit Card to my Standard Chartered Credit Card?
Yes, you can transfer your other Credit Card's outstanding balance to your Standard Chartered Credit Card at a nominal financial charge of 3.25 % per month (MasterCard) and 3.25 % per month (VISA). When you transfer balances on to your Standard Chartered Credit Card, you will also earn Treasure points, which you can redeem for exciting gifts from our Treasures Catalogue.

Q. Do I have to clear my entire outstanding balance at the end of each month?
You have the option of paying back the entire availed amount or paying as little as 5 % of your outstanding balance at competitive financial charges. Your remaining outstanding amount will be carried forward to your next monthly statement, where you will again have the choice of paying as little as 5 % of the outstanding amount or the entire amount.

Q. How will I be charged the service fee for retail transactions?
With Standard Chartered's VISA and MasterCard, you have the opportunity to avail 51 and 45 free credit days respectively. That means no service fee will be charged if you pay back your entire amount within the due date. However, you can also choose to make minimum payment of only 5 % of your outstanding balance at a highly competitive financial charge of 3.25 % per month on VISA and 3.25 % per month on MasterCard.

Q. What if I have a discrepancy / error on my monthly statement?
If you notice any discrepancy in your monthly statement, report the matter to our Customer Services Team on 111-002-002 within 7 days. In order to check statement entries, retain all your sales slips and printed receipts. This will help you keep a record of all your transactions.

Q. How and where do I make my monthly payments?
You can make your monthly payment by:
Paying cash over the counter at any of the Standard Chartered branches in Pakistan.Sending a cheque / pay order / draft in the name of Standard Chartered Bank, Credit Cards' by mail or through the drop box at all Standard Chartered branches. Please indicate your name and card number on the reverse of the cheque. Through AutoDebit for Standard Chartered customers (5% of the outstanding balance or the total amount). By Telegraphic Transfer. Your payment will be credited to your Card account after funds are received by Standard Chartered, Consumer Banking, Cards - Pakistan.
Q. What should I do if I lose my Card?
In the event that your Card is lost or stolen, please report it to a member of our Customer Services Team immediately on 111-002-002.

Q. What do I do if I encounter problems with my Standard Chartered Credit Card account?
If at any time you face any problem regarding your Credit Card or Credit Card account, call our 24-hour Customer Service on 111-002-002 or you can email your queries directly to ask.

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